Ready! Set! Enrich!

The Junior League of Richmond is an organization of women committed to the mission of promoting voluntarism. Two of the most valuable mission and vision statements are to 1) Improve the community through the effective action and 2) Provide support while generating pride in the community. The Community Council placements are responsible for all aspects of external and internal branding of the organizational image. Members of this committee work as a team to connect with the Richmond community at- large and are an influential and consistent presence in the Greater Richmond community.

The Families First/Early Childhood Education Committee (FFEC) is a subset of the Community Council. Our committee is comprised of a Chair, an Assistant Chair, and 15 energetic women. Our committee is dedicated to providing programs, special events, and services to promote the stability and well-being of the children at the Southside Child Development Center (SCDC). SCDC, which is located only three blocks south of the Lee Bridge, makes it possible for low-income parents to participate in the workforce while securing in the knowledge that their children are being well cared for and receiving a great education.

The 2nd Tuesday of each month, FFEC members coordinate educational workshops on a variety of topics including parenting, self-esteem, health/nutritional issues, practical life skills, and financial enrichment. Workshops are conducted by trained professionals and include a discussion component, as well as time for healthy food and fellowship. The children spend time engaging in craft activities while their parents are in the workshop.

The Southside Child Development center and JLR Families First/Early Childhood Education Committee has had great year thus far! In October, our parents learned about self-care. In November, we tripled our numbers with almost 200 participants. In December, the children got a chance to meet Santa and take a picture with him.  In January, our families learned the importance of having a healthy heart. We are looking forward to our parenting workshop, Easter egg hunt, and end of the year cookout. We are chugging away knowing our families appreciate our efforts and we are making a difference in the Southside community. In the words of one of the 3 year old students “Mommy, I love when the red shirt ladies come!” Community is on the move!


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